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Showcasing our member’s work!

I’m so proud of my students!

As a teacher, a lot of things can bring me joy. However, probably the most rewarding aspect of my job is witnessing when students break through barriers, when they have that a-ha! moment and when I can see they are really making progress.

I’m bursting with pride to share with you some examples of work produced by my talented, amazing students.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!


Carla is from Argentina and has been an EDA member since March 2020.

Submitted June 2023

Carla creates a podcast episode!

Our English Club members were tasked with creating a podcast episode, following our theme that month which was “creativity”. The task was simple (but not easy!)

First, you had to choose a topic (about anything. ANYTHING. From how to cook a perfect Sunday lunch to the three best books to read this summer. ANYTHING!)

Then you had to let your imagination run wild and prepare your script. Once ready, it was time to record your episode.

I’m sharing Carla’s podcast with you, because quite frankly I’m in awe at how amazing it is and I hope it will inspire you all to get creative in English 💕

Brilliant, right? So why did I like it so much? Well, Carla’s voice was so natural (a perfect podcast voice!) and her pronunciation awareness was excellent. What does that mean exactly? Carla used expressive pronunciation (clarity, rhythm, emphasis and intonation) to sound more fluent and natural. To understand this topic better, read our post Improve your Advanced English Conversation Skills

What’s more:

> Carla’s vocabulary was rich, her linkers were interesting, and I was happy to hear some recycled vocab from our sessions!

> Carla used a complex structure: ‘Had I been… would I be….’ which added a sophisticated fare to her work as well as adding interest and flow.

Superb work!


Laura writes a dialogue

Following a conversation lesson called ‘The Bucket List’, Laura took the new vocabulary from the lesson and created a fantastic dialogue. Her writing is creative, clever and is full of colloquial language. Read her work below and note the recycled vocabulary in bold. Excellent job Laura!

A Pub somewhere nice near Oxford; Joe and Mark having a chat

Mark: Get the paper, will you? I’ll get the booze.
Joe: Uh, there’s a fun thing to do… check this out, a bucket list. Have you ever written one?
Mark: no, not really, wouldn’t be able to stick to it. What are the top 10?
Joe: right, let’s have a look. So, at number 10 is visit Venice. Do you agree? Mark: yeah, well, I’ve been there, nice place, but not my thing, I mean, wouldn’t put it on a bucket list.
Joe: yeah, I‘m with you on that, too crowded. 9 is go to a casino in Las Vegas. 
Mark: What? Maaan, that’s so tacky! Naah, not exactly up my street, you know me, I’m more for a different kind of adventure.
Joe: You know what? I’d give it a go. Just for once, that Ocean’s 11 feeling…Mark: Whatever floats your boat, mate.
Joe: What’s your take on visiting the Pyramids?
Mark: That’s so cool, I love Egypt. I’d jump at it, if you offered me the chance. Just visited the Tutankhamun exhibition at the Bodleian libraries… mind-blowing!
Joe: I should give it a go, I’ve heard great things about it. What about riding a hot air balloon?
Mark: ah, a bit of a pipe dream… But would go for that, yeah… gazing at the landscape while sipping a glass of wine… probably not the safest option, is it?
Joe: Yeah, wouldn’t recommend it! Oh, I think you’d like number 6… driving Route66.
Mark: Now you’re talking! That’s the kind of adventure I’ve always fancied, possibly with a convertible
Joe: well, I’ll go with you! That’s actually on my bucket list. 

Laura is from Italy and joined EDA in August 2021

Submitted June 2022


Olatz and Lucia copy a narrative style

Let me set some context. Olatz and Lucia were among the group of our Book-Lab course where we read and discussed the book Bridget Jones’s Diary. At a certain point during our class, we came across this rather amusing passage written in a particular narrative style.

The creative writing challenge!

I set my group a challenge: to write a passage using the same style and narrative voice as the one we had just read… and it had to be funny!

Not easy (creative writing is hard in our own language, let alone in a second language) but I had faith in these students and the results were beyond what I could have hoped for!

So I invite you to sit back for 10 minutes, make yourself a brew* and read the pieces that these wonderful ladies have produced. Who knows, they might even inspire you to do the same!

make yourself a brew* [slang]= make yourself a tea or coffee

Olatz is from Spain, but lives in Ireland.
Submitted April 2021

Dear life,

I cannot cope. I do not know exactly what I need right now but I swear to god I cannot cope with you any longer. “What doesn’t kill you makes you…” No fucking thanks. I am not falling for that BS again.

Anyway, Sarah rang me yesterday evening, “My test has come back positive, I feel rotten, I’m afraid you’ll have to get tested too.” Grand, then. Let the hunger games begin.

I’ve been isolating and turning down lovely plans my workmates have invited me to for the past 9 months* because I was trying to keep my bubble safe** and the one weekend I decided to join them for a drink*** someone gets fucking COVID. Ok Murphy, I’ve had enough of you, if you’re planning on staying forever, let’s at least split the rent.

I’ve been up since 6 o’clock this morning. I went out for a walk with my mask on, because, let’s face it, no one in Ireland walks anywhere**** and then came back home to isolate in my room. Luckily my housemates are sound enough and they brought the assault bike upstairs so I can exercise*****.

  • *Not that I had much interest in going anyway, but you know…
  • **more like keeping my seat in the couch warm
  • *** Several cans of cheap beer and massive hangover
  • ****not now that the pubs are closed anyway
  • *****I do real exercise now, not that thing I used to do when I watched other people’s workout videos while eating crisps.

Anyway, this is it. I’m a “close contact” so my life is over for the next 14 days. Here’s a list of things I should do that I will then update once my isolation is over.

What I should doWhat I’ve been doing instead (updated on April 8th)
Organize my wardrobeBuy more clothes
Read the books I’ve been meaning to readGet acquainted with random celebrity Instagram accounts
Start watching that tv show Cam asked me to watchRe watch Pride & Prejudice (2005) for the 23rd time******
Listen to more classical music while I writeDon’t touch any of my notebooks and discover that I actually like One direction*******
  • ******Love the way holding hands equals sex when it comes to Austen adaptations 
  • *******Who the fuck am I?

Lucia is from Italy and has participated in 6 Book Lab courses so far!
Submitted April 2021

I haven’t got a trustworthy sense of direction (1), and even if this is annoying sometimes, it also gives me the possibility to discover new places and meet new wonderful people (2).

For example, when I went to Nyborg, Denmark, attending classes in an English school for three weeks, I would never have discovered its small, enchanting dock if I had taken the right road.

Every morning we woke up, had a rich breakfast, and jumped on our bikes to go to school, happily (3). One morning I was a bit late and went to school alone, it had already been a week, and there was only a crossroad. I should have found the way easily (4).

So, at that crossroad, I went straight instead of turning right. After a couple of minutes I started looking around, trying to understand why everything was so unfamiliar (5).

After having accepted the fact that maybe I didn’t know where I was, I stopped a woman, chosen for her nice and friendly appearance (6) to ask where the school was. Luckily, she patiently (7) explained to me the road to take to arrive, late, for the lesson.

AS I said at the beginning, new places and wonderful people.

  1. I get lost inside my own house
  2. random people who pitied PITY me and give me indications directions.
  3. at 7 am. Cycling on the only Danish hill, in the whole country.
  4. I didn’t.
  5. Or panicking if you prefer.
  6. Literally the first person I saw
  7. And repeating ‘keep calm, it’s easy. You can do it.’


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