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❝ I have loved every minute of Road to English Proficiency! I couldn’t wait to log on and see what Kerin had prepared next! ❞


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Personal touch

Kerin will guide you and provide corrections and feedback. Therefore, you’ll feel like you have a personal teacher (but at a fraction of the cost!)


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Relevant content: “real-life” English such as podcasts, videos, articles, TV series. Get immediate feedback from quizzes and progress checks

★★★★★ Wanda says:

❝ How lucky I have discovered this English course! I really don’t feel like I am learning in some boring impersonal language app. EDA’s technique takes me out of my comfort zone, stimulates my intellect, and helps me to improve the knowledge and the use of the language. I’m totally impressed by Kerin’s way of teaching. She literally takes care of each student and constantly encourages them to improve. ❞

The English Proficiency programmes

Refine, polish-up and deepen your English knowledge. Build a richer, sophisticated vocabulary and improve all of your language skills.

English proficiency course

Road to English Proficiency

An innovative online training programme made of 8 advanced English courses, designed for upper intermediate, advanced and proficient English learners who want to refine and further deepen their English proficiency.

English proficiency course

Accelerate Proficiency: Business & General English

This English proficiency programme is designed to accelerate your learning with a selection of 11 courses: a mix of Business English training and advanced general English.

You will learn effective high-level professional English for international business PLUS expand your vocabulary and improve your skills on general topics in order to move  towards English proficiency.

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