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A Donation from EDA 🌸

In order to contribute towards helping people during the COVID-19 emergency, EDA would like to donate our course for upper intermediate & advanced learners: 

How to manage conversations in English when you don’t understand

 🎁Available for free until April 14th 🎁

With the rise of home working, teleconferencing is becoming the norm.

This can be stressful for everyone, especially if sometimes you have difficulties understanding native speakers.

Our course will help you manage these virtual meetings in a successful and productive way and help you improve the way you communicate.

The course can be completed in 2-6 hours depending on your pace and how deeply you go into each argument.

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Meet the new way to learn English

The Proficiency Project is a subscription based online membership for upper intermediate & advanced English learners who want to move their level towards proficiency.

It’s an English experience for people who don’t want to do an English course!

Essentially, a brand new way to upgrade your English >

  • even if you are busy
  • even if you think you have plateaued
  • even if you are sceptical about digital courses

Why our courses are perfect for advanced learners

Your needs are very different from people who are just starting to learn
and traditional language courses might not work for you because:

  • Going to class every week isn’t the right solution for you
  • With our courses you can schedule your study the way you want
  • Group dynamics in classes can be frustrating
  • With our courses you can interact directly with the teacher without the cost of individual lessons
  • The content & material may be too easy, boring and irrelevant
  • Our unique online program is designed specifically for advanced learners
  • You’ve done quite a few courses by now and quite simply, you’re bored of them
  • Now you can be part of something new and  exciting!

Our story

Hi! My name is Kerin, and I’m the founder of English Digital Academy

I’ve been teaching English since 2001 and I specialise in Advanced English and Business English.

Our EDA team is made up of a small group of qualified English teachers and our goal is to help you get your English as close as possible to that of a native speaker.

Kerin English teacher
  • Going to class every week isn’t the right solution for you
  • With our courses you can schedule your study the way you want

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