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The imitation technique to improve your pronunciation

Learn the imitation technique to make your English sound more natural

by Kerin

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The imitation technique, or shadowing (as it’s sometimes called) is a study technique that’s … if you practise it regularly, you can dramatically improve your English pronunciation skills and communication skills as a consequence.

This is because you learn to communicate with pronunciation awareness. 

It’s important to understand that pronunciation doesn’t mean accent. I’m absolutely not trying to teach you to speak with an English accent. That’s not the point of this at all!  

Pronunciation awareness is about stressintonationtonenaturalnesspause and also body language!

When you speak English HOW you say things can have a much bigger impact than WHAT you actually say.

For example if I say:

Can you explain it please?

my tone here comes across as if I’m a little bit impatient, or maybe I’m a bit irritated and it could be interpreted as slightly aggressive or slightly rude.

Whereas if I say the same thing like this: Can you explain it please?

My tone is softer, more friendly and polite and will be received better. Especially in a work environment. Same words, same phrase, but different pronunciation. So this is one aspect of pronunciation awareness.  

Let’s watch the next video to try out this technique:

Practice sounding natural: online meetings

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  1. Wonderful training,is it technically possible to get a feed back of one’s own pronunciation and intonation?

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