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Accelerate your progress with a blended course

A mix of scheduled live classes, digital self-study modules and on-demand courses so you make more progress faster.

100% tailor-made programme to suit your needs and objectives.

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Individual English Lessons

Our blended course offers much more than traditional English lessons!

Designed for BUSY people who REALLY want to improve their English. You need motivation from a teacher but you also want flexibility and space to use and practise what you are learning.

And …. you want to ENJOY yourself along the way!

Quality teaching

Original lessons with Cambridge certified British English teacher with over 20 years experience


Schedule your English sessions to suit your timetable. Our on-demand modules are available 24/7!

Individual Blended English lessons
Accelerate your progress

Get double the input with our blended programme mixing live lessons with personalised self-study tasks and on-demand courses

Tailor-made programme

Personalised to you. We will co-create your path, focusing on your needs, goals and requests

Kerin Goodall
Kerin Goodall is a Cambridge Certified English Teacher and holds the CertPT in Advanced Business English by Trinity. She specialises in advanced English and Business English.

Learn from someone who really gets it

Hi! I’m Kerin. I’ve been teaching English for over 20 years and I’ve taught people from all over the world; from Japan to Chile, from CEOs to high school students! 

I’m also a language student myself (my quest to learn Italian has been epic!) so I know what I’m talking about when it comes to learning a language!

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Why traditional language classes can be disappointing

I’ve taught traditional courses in the past, and although they can be effective I think there is massive room for improvement.

What usually happens is students attend the lesson and then close their notebook for the whole week. They don’t do anything in English; they don’t review, practise or use what was learned in that lesson. Obviously they feel disappointed when they don’t make much progress.

English Digital Academy Methodology

Our blended programmes

With our Blended English courses you will have the right mix of live lessons and personalised self-study modules (the practice and activation phase). 

This means you constantly review what you are learning and you can track your progress and highlight areas you still need to review (the reflection phase).

You’ll also have opportunities to dive deeper into specific areas such as writing, grammar and pronunciation if you wish.

With our Accelerate Option, you also have the opportunity to add an on-demand course every month from our Road to Proficiency or Business English Training programmes. This means you make even more progress in a shorter amount of time (and save over 36% on our courses!)

My Happy Clients!

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“I took private classes with Kerin and she was brilliant! Very professional, highly trained and she always adapted to my needs. Can’t recommend her more!”

Star rating

Laura, Argentina

“I really enjoyed Kerin’s individual lessons. Excellent one-to-one course , tailored to my specific needs at the pace that was the best for me, with maximum immersion in the English language.”​

Star rating

Suzan, Albania

“The course is very well designed, the topics are engaging and thought through by Kerin. Kerin is a fantastic teacher, with the rare gift of empathy, which is what works best (at least for me) in a learning context. You feel constantly supported and encouraged, and your English will greatly benefit from the experience!

Star rating

Laura, Italy

Frequently Asked Questions

about our individual English lessons

When can I have my lessons with Kerin?

Lessons are available from 8:00am – 6:00pm (CET Rome time) Monday to Friday subject to availability (Excluding the month of August)

Lesson times are decided between the student and teacher based on both their availability.

What is the content of the blended programme?

To ensure the maximum effectiveness of your lessons, I will carry out a needs analysis and we will set your learning objectives together. This allows me to create a unique programme specially for you.

You may need:

  • Ad-hoc: presentation preparation, job interview preparation etc
  • Business English training / English for work
  • General English
  • Cambridge exam preparation B2 First (formerly First Certificate), C1 Advanced (formerly CAE)
  • Academic writing
How are lessons delivered?

Lessons are online via Zoom, Teams, Google Meet or Skype

Can I cancel a lesson?

You may cancel a lesson with 24 hours notice. In case of cancellation less than 24 hours in advance, the lesson is not refundable or recoverable and will be considered as done.

What are the different payment options?

You can choose a monthly subscription or a one-off package. See options here

I’m not sure which lessons to buy

If you aren’t sure which option is best for you, please book a consultation call with us. The call is free of charge and there is no obligation to buy.

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