Advanced English Conversation Course

Improve your ability to express yourself & discuss complex topics

Advanced English courses specially made for you:

Conversation course is made for people with a high level of English (upper intermediate, advanced and proficient: B2, C1, C2)

Advanced English Conversation course

Why choose an EDA conversation course?

Much more than just conversation!


Just as meetings go more smoothly with an agenda, your lesson will benefit from similar planning! Each week, complete a PRE-LESSON TASK so you get the most out of your time


Talk about topics out of your comfort zone, expand your vocabulary and gain confidence expressing yourself


Practise listening and reading skills with real-life material and expand your vocabulary and writing fluency too! The pre and post-lesson tasks will challenge you even further


Your teacher will support you throughout the course with feedback both during the lesson and your post-lesson task

What our students say

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Choose your conversation course

All options include:

Zoom lessons with Cambridge Certified English teacher
pre-lesson tasks inside the EDA platform
post-lesson tasks with feedback
12 weeks – 1 lesson per week

Individual Subscription
€80 per month
  • Monthly subscription for 3 months
  • 3 payments of €80
  • lessons of 30 mins
Individual Course
  • One-off payment
  • Save 5%
  • lessons of 30 mins
Group Course
  • One-off payment
  • Max 3 students per group
  • lessons of 45 mins

☆ If you have already taken a class with us, you don’t need to apply. Please email Kerin!

What you will achieve with conversation course

✓ Improve speaking skills, fluency and confidence
✓ Improve listening, reading and writing skills through the pre and post-lesson tasks
✓ Expand high-level vocabulary
✓ Refine pronunciation
✓ Improve ability to discuss topics beyond your comfort zone
Increase assertiveness and self-awareness

Advanced English Conversation course

A unique English course with Kerin & Elisa

A few years ago, Elisa and I worked together at our school in Florence.  

We spent a lot of time creating original courses for our students, one of which was Conversation Class: a course specially designed for advanced learners

Our students loved it! 

Now we bring you a brand new course: an upgradeddigital version of Conversation Class to suit the times we are living in

Conversation class with Kerin and elisa

What makes our Advanced English Conversation Course different?

Make the most of your time

Nowadays, many of you are working from home. That means you have more flexibility.

However, we also know that taking an hour out of your day for an English lesson can be problematic.

The solution?

blended course. This allows you to do some activities alone, on your own schedule and combine that with live sessions; short enough that you can fit it into your day, long enough to be effective.

Advanced English Conversation course
Enjoyable experiences

We have designed a programme that will give you a different theme each week and you’ll focus on improving your communication skills, fluency and pronunciation while also expanding your vocabulary

Designed by expert teachers

Our Advanced English Conversation Course is much more than just a chat: you’ll complete a pre-lesson activity (boosting your listening and reading skills) and then you can do a post-class activity, again on your own schedule, so that you can develop what you learned during class.
You’ll submit this task to Kerin who’ll give you personalised individual feedback to help you improve further.

Throughout the course we’ll give you relevant feedback to help you take your English from GOOD to GREAT!

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