songs to learn English

Songs to learn English

A collection of playlists to practise English

Fact: Music is good for your mind! (And good for your English too!) That’s why we’ve put together some playlists of songs to learn English!

Songs are a great source of ‘real-life’ language and you can use music to practise lots of different language skills.

Why use songs to learn English?

1. Repetition

When we like a particular song, we listen to it over and over again. Therefore, you repeat the lyrics over and over. This is an obvious and effective way of learning the words to the song and also the grammar that goes along with it.

e.g Beyonce’s If I were a boy is a great song to learn the second conditional

When you speak, you’ll be able to actively use these words and grammar structures because you’ve heard them so often in a song.

2. It’s an easy habit – you already do it!

Like listening to podcasts, listening to music is an easy habit to create and it isn’t as difficult as setting time aside to study. You can listen to music whenever you like; at the gym, in the house, going to work or out with the dog.

3. You’ll learn colloquial expressions and informal language

You’ll pick up lots of new words by learning songs in English as they are full of relevant, up-to-date and useful vocabulary, phrases and expressions.

Most of all, songs are a fun way to learn English!

Check out our curated playlists below!

Prepositions Inspiration

Improve your awareness of preposition with this collection of songs.
Listen to playlist here!

English Club’s Desert Island Discs
EDA Playlist

Created by our English Club members! This month we had a fun-loving English Club meeting inspired by the podcast Desert Island Discs, where we each choose a disc or two that has a special meaning to us.  
Listen to the playlist here!

Springtime bliss

Chill out to the springtime mood”
Listen to playlist here!

Book Lab’s 1920’s List
EDA Playlist

Inspired by our Book Lab course, The Great Gatsby!  
Listen to the playlist here!

Summer tunes to boogie to

Get in the mood for summer with this collection!
Listen to playlist here!

Kerin Goodall Founder English Digital Academy

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