Advanced fashion vocabulary

How to talk about fashion in advanced English

Originally posted Oct 19th 2020

What is your fashion style? Are you a funky on-trend dresser or do you prefer a more chicclassic look? What’s your favourite season? Do you know the difference between pants and trousers?  How many different kinds of bags can you name?! These are just some of the topics British English teachers, Kerin and Elisa, have natter* about in today’s lesson: learn how to talk about fashion in advanced English.

*A natter (British English, informal: a chat, a casual talk) 

Kerin & Elisa
Lesson by Kerin & Elisa


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Hello welcome to this very special lesson on English Digital Academy, made especially for TUSTYLE magazine readers: HOW TO TALK ABOUT FASHION in English! 

This lesson is hosted by your British English teachers, I’m Kerin Goodall from Scotland and I’m the founder of EDA, and my dear friend and colleague Elisa Savignano, is joining us for today’s lesson, and she’s from Yorkshire in the north of England. We’re northern girls living it up in Italy!

So, a big welcome, TUSTYLE readers to this advanced English lesson. We hope you enjoy yourself and that you learn some expressions and vocabulary in order to talk about fashion in a descriptive and sophisticated way.

Before we start, here are some tips on how to use this lesson: 

If you already have a strong level of English and you just want to enjoy some you-time and refresh the English in your brain, I suggest you make yourself a cuppa (or pour yourself a Prosecco! Whichever one you prefer!) kick-back, relax and just listen to the podcast. Try listening without reading the transcript. The aim should be to catch the gist of the conversation and enjoy it. It’s not important to understand every single word. 

If, however, you want to study the words and expressions and go a bit deeper into the lesson, then I recommend listening to the podcast once and then download the ebook, specially made for this lesson, where you’ll find the transcript to the podcast with notes on the vocabulary and expressions used. I would definitely listen a second time, reading the transcript simultaneously. Stop the audio at the expressions and words that you’d like to learn, and make a note of them. 

You’ll find the link to the free download below and after the podcast there are some quizzes to test out your knowledge! 

The best way to learn new vocabulary is to use it. If you don’t have much opportunity to practise speaking, the next best thing I suggest you do, is make your own sentences using the words in relevant and meaningful contexts for you. If you would like some feedback from us, simply write your phrases in the comments at the bottom. And of course, if you have any questions about the lesson, you can ask us there in the comments too or drop us an email.

One last note from me, this lesson is intended for people who already have a high level of English so you are upper intermediate or advanced. The conversation is spoken at natural speed, in 100% pure and natural English – not the kind of English you find in course books, so it is challenging. The aim of the lesson isn’t to understand every single word, that would be really tough. Instead, the aim is to enjoy real English and pick up words and phrases that will help you talk about fashion in a natural and confident way.  

Okay without further ado, let’s get going with the lesson! 

How to talk about fashion in English​

advanced english fashion vocabulary

Listen to the podcast

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fashion vocabulary

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Quiz time

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Can you identify the item of clothing?

Who are we talking about?

Tustyle fashion quiz

Now for the real challenge! ​

(Remember to look at your ebook if you get stuck!)​

Share your thoughts with us!

Your turn to try speaking about fashion!

We’d love you to share your opinion about what we’ve been talking about today! What’s your style? Are you fashionable? What’s your favourite season? What’s your favourite outfit?

Go ahead and share your thoughts in the comments! 👇

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You’ll find out why I moved to Italy, why I like the Milanese style and how my husband had a miscommunication with my mum because he mixed up his phrasal verbs! (It happens to the best of us!)

English Digital Academy Tustyle

Sketchnote: how to talk about fashion

Here’s a sketchnote for all you visual learners out there! Make sure you check out our other sketchnotes to learn English.

sketchnote fashion

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16 thoughts on “How to talk about fashion in advanced English”

  1. Hellooo I really enjoyed this podcast! It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn and expand my fashion glossary! Thanks Tustyle

  2. I really enjoyed the lesson! The podcast, the ebook…As soon as I read the article in TuStyle’s latest issue, I went to check the website. Short, but well designed and entertaining! Thank you ^^

  3. I’ve loved listening to you girls talking about fashion! It’s been a funny and pleasant way to expand my vocabulary and, also, to learn some useful distinction between AE and BE. I’ll go through the vocabulary and expressions highlighted in the ebook to improve my speaking skills. Thanks

    1. I’m so glad you liked it Valentina! It was definitely our intention to create something enjoyable and useful. Come back and visit us soon x

  4. I’ve seen for chance an article on TU STYLE, a magazine mum sometimes buys.
    I liked the way this course and the teachers were introduced.
    I’ve just listened to the podcast and found it gorgeous.
    I’ll try and follow next lessons, as well.
    So far so good, girls.
    I am Italian but in love with Scotland and worked for a year as a bookseller in Ullapool, Highlands. Heart there.
    If you have anytime to go and check “The Sleepy Hamlet” on Facebook or “the_sleepy_hamlet_books” on Instagram, I would be glad. It’s all about Literature and independent book shops.
    Congrats again Kerin & Elisa, keep going

    1. Hello Katia!!! Thank you for your support. It means a lot! (Very cool that you lived in Ullapool for a year – how did you cope with the weather?!) Thank you as well for the recommendation. Will definitely check that out! Come back and visit us soon!

      1. I’ll definitely follow! I’ve already suggested your podcast to a colleague. You won’t believe it: in 2018 Highlanders went through such a warm weather they hadn’t seen for 14 years! I got tanned in May up there. Sounds like a myth. ♥️ Scotland power ♥️

  5. that’s fantastic! I’ve been working in fashion form years.. I loved your conversation! I will definitely follow above new links !

  6. A relaxing and cute way to expand english vocabulary and listen to real pronunciation! I found the quizzes very useful to fix and consolidate what we have learnt.

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