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30 day money back guarantee

30 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

If you join The Proficiency Project and decide that it’s not right for you, simply cancel your membership within 30 days and email us for a refund. We will happily arrange a refund, no questions asked. 



This is the course I’ve been looking for! 

Despite it teaches something “British” it is informal and I loved it! Finally, I’ve also found the extra content like some clips really interesting and sometimes funny!

Salvatore Lepore, Football fan, IT Director


Attending the English course on EDA  has been a fantastic experience for me. 

After having done so many English courses in my life and having already achieved an advanced level, I didn’t expect to enjoy so much doing another course!

Chiara Migliorini, Travel Enthusiast


This course really helped me to improve my listening skills. 

I found very effective in this course the focus on the results that you can achieve in a very short time. In each lesson I have learnt some new skill that I can use to improve the comprehension of spoken english.

Enrico, Foodie & E-commerce Manager 

Is this you?

  • You want to sound more natural when you speak and more like a native speaker
  • You’re a bit fed up of doing traditional courses and want something new
  • You already have a good grasp of English (you are a B2 or C1), but you feel like you have reached a plateau and that you have stopped making progress
  • You want an online learning solution that suits your busy lifestyle; a method that is fun, flexible, useful and stimulating, but not too time-consuming or expensive
  • You want to be able to understand native speakers talking and watch movies in original language.

freedom & flexibilty

Why online study is perfect for advanced English learners

Your needs are very different from people who are just starting to learn
and traditional language courses might not work for you because:
  • Going to class every week isn’t the right solution for you
  • Online you can schedule your study the way you want
  • Group dynamics in classes can be frustrating
  • Online you can interact directly with the teacher without the cost of individual lessons
  • The content & material may be too easy, boring and irrelevant
  • Our online program is designed for advanced learners
  • You’ve done quite a few courses by now and quite simply, you’re bored of them
  • Now you can try something new and  exciting

In a nutshell...

The Proficiency Project is

The Online Advanced English Learning Programme for upper intermediate & advanced English learners who want to move their level towards proficiency.

Essentially, a brand new way to upgrade your English >

  • even if you are busy 
  • even if you think you have plateaued
  • even if you have never tried online courses
Study when you want, where you want

Study when you want, where you want, how often you want!

Still thinking about it?

Let's have a look at how The Proficiency Project can help you

Achieve results at your own pace: spend from 2 to 8 hours per month & study when you want, where you want, as much as you want. It’s up to you! 

  • Understand native speakers: learn strategies and practise, practise, practise
  • Consistently grow your skills and vocabulary: it’s the journey that’s the fun part!
  • Meet new like-minded people: express yourself in our forum, develop relationships and improve your English writing skills
  • Bring English into your routine: if you work on your English 1% every day for the next year, you’ll be 365% further along than you are now
  • Develop your self-study skills: learn from my practical tips and ‘how to’ style of teaching
  • Make progress: use the interactive quizzes and progress checks to see how much you’ve learned and what you still need to work on

What makes The Proficiency Project special?

Learn through doing

We strongly believe that the best way to learn is by doing...

Input, Practice, Activate

My method is simple and effective: these three steps ensure that you use and put into practice what you learn

Activate your English

Each month will have a final activation project to do ...

Get feedback & corrections

Use what you learn in a context that is relevant and meaningful for you. You can also submit your project each month for feedback and error correction

Personal touch

The thing I like best about my job is all the people I get to know ...

100% human

Building a relationship with every one of my students is a big part of what I do and it is so exciting that this can now happen online.

My students inspired me to create this English experience!

I’ve been teaching English since 2001 and I’m also a language student myself (my quest to learn Italian has been epic!) so I know what I’m talking about when it comes to learning a language!

With all of my experiences combined, I have a 360° vision of what my students need. I see an abundance of English material out there, but as we more towards upper intermediate and advanced learners, the choice of quality and interesting online courses and programmes becomes less and less.

When I left Florence and my school there, my students asked me what was next?! They didn’t want to stop English, but they didn’t want to move north with me either! Therefore, long story short, this is why English Digital Academy was born.

For more about Kerin and EDA, click here.

Kerin Goodall

Learn from authentic English

Creating lessons is my second favourite thing to do! ...

How Native Speakers Really Speak

I love coming across examples of real English and using them to make stimulating, relevant and useful lessons for you. Authentic materials offer you great advantages by exposing you to language as it is ACTUALLY used by native speakers communicating with other native speakers.

Bring the joy back

Learning a language is not always enjoyable, but it totally should be!


One of my main goals is to make learning in our programme a positive and rewarding experience. If you don’t log in to the academy and enjoy yourself, I’m doing something very wrong.

Get involved

Our members will always have a say in what we study and discuss ...

It's more fun when you get involved

You want a lesson about Game of Thrones? You want to talk about sustainable tourism? You want to read a chapter of The Great Gatsby? You just can’t master using third conditional? ... Just let me know or start a discussion in our forum!

6 Ways To Learn Inside The Proficiency Project


Tutorials and lessons in audio and video format, written guides, study tips & methods


Authentic English (stories, podcasts, videos, articles etc). interactive exercises & quizzes, discussion in the forum

Activation & Feedback

Complete monthly activation tasks: writing tasks, speaking tasks or mini-projects. Submit for feedback & correction


Track your development with our progress file, check your comprehension with interactive quizzes & access quarterly progress tests & certification


Access our community: build friendships, ask and answer questions, discuss topics from the lessons, have conversations and share projects.

Online Courses

Enjoy an exclusive 50% discount on any of our online courses outside the programme to develop your writing skills, grammar and business English skills

Learning with Kerin online has never been an impersonal connection, I’ve always felt her warm guidance and feedback all through the course.


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After having done so many English courses in my life and having already achieved an advanced level, I didn’t expect to enjoy so much doing another course!
Read More
I found very effective in this course the focus on the results that you can achieve in a very short time. In each lesson I have learnt some new skill that I can use to improve the comprehension of spoken English.


The Proficiency Project is a brand new membership for advanced English digital learning.

We focus on REAL (authentic) English and native-level vocabulary that will help you upgrade your English from good to great!

We are 100% digital and 100% human.

  • Every month our members will receive a new online module focusing on real (authentic) English and native-level vocabulary. 
  • The lessons in each module will be made up of original audio, video and written tutorials, interactive quizzes, opportunities to share ideas and opinions in our forum and extracts from podcasts, stories, video, newspapers, books, art …anything authentic. 
  • I will guide you through each module and you can ask questions at any time. 
  • You can spend between 2 to 8 hours per month – it’s up to you!

If you aren’t sure that our programme is right for you, please get in touch for a consultation. 

Email Kerin >

Our consultations are free of charge and there is no obligation to buy.

Each month you get access to a new module.

The modules will follow a three step process: input, practice and activation

  • At the end of each module, there will be an activation project
  • This is your opportunity to put everything you learn into practice,  in a context that is real and relevant for you
  • You can submit the task and get feedback and corrections from me

As a member you will also get access to lots of other cool stuff!

Me too! Here’s the cool stuff! For as long as you are a subscriber, you get

  • Access to our community where you can ask and answer questions, discuss topics from the lessons, make friends & have conversations and share projects
  • Access to quarterly progress test and certificates
  • Access to vocab, pronunciation and grammar boosts and challenges
  • An exclusive 50% discount on our Skills Specific and Business English online courses.

At the end of each module, there will be a final activation task or project. This is your opportunity to put everything you learn into practice,  in a context that is real, meaningful and relevant for you.

You can submit the task and get feedback and corrections from me. 

This was a decision that I made after a lot of consideration and here are the two main reasons why I decided that the content will be released monthly:

  1. It avoids overwhelm. If all the content is available without any roadmap or structure, I know my students will find it overwhelming and make less progress. It will be difficult to know where to start and I fear motivation will fall. Less is more!
  2. This way, you have clear, focussed tasks to complete each month. You have a guide and incentive to work towards goals and you will be more likely to stay on track and produce results.


  • Throughout the module you’ll find interactive quizzes to check your comprehension and practise what you learn. 
  • Each module comes with a progress file so that you can keep track of what you do and mark areas that you want to review again at a later date. 
  • You can also do the quarterly progress tests if you wish. For each progress test you pass you will earn a certificate

It sure is! Nobody is going to force you to do the progress tests. If you don’t care about it, don’t do it!


  • Of course! You can ask me questions relating to the monthly module any time via the forum or by email
  • If you have other questions about English in general you can ask and get advice, support and feedback from within our community, or you can submit your questions for me by email
  • If I can answer it quickly I will, otherwise, I’ll prepare a lesson on the topic if there is enough interest in it from the other members. And by the way, you are free to suggest lesson topics at any time too!
  • Please note individual lessons are not included in the membership.

Individual lessons are not included in our membership but we can definitely recommend excellent teachers if that’s what you are looking for. 

Getting your English Proficient doesn’t have to be a huge investment or a huge time commitment

  • How much time you spend on each module will depend entirely on you. I estimate anywhere between 2-8* hours per month, depending on your pace and starting level and depending on what your month looks like!
  • It will also depend how deep into each topic you want to go and how much self-study you want to do. 

*add 30mins- 5 hours if you buy an online course from our shop

Look at the two statements below. 

If you agree with statement A, then no, I don’t think you should invest in your English and I don’t think The Proficiency Project is right for you. 

If you agree with statement B, then yes! Investing in yourself is one of the best things you can do, and The Proficiency Project will suit your needs.

A – I have a decent level of English and I’m not bothered about improving it. It’s fine as it is and I’d rather invest in something else. 

B – I have a decent level of English but I want it to be better! I don’t want to lose my fluency and I’d like to build my skills and vocabulary.

We know you will LOVE our programme. However, if for whatever reason you’re not 100% satisfied in any way, we have a 30 day money back guarantee (no questions asked). We want you to succeed, and know that if you become a member and really put your heart into it… you will see results and love learning!

Obviously we’d love you to stick around and we’d be sorry to see you go!  But don’t worry – if you do decide to cancel you’ll be able to do so with just 2 clicks of a mouse.

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on our membership should you be unhappy in any way in your first month of membership.

You may also cancel your monthly subscription at any time via your account page, but due to the nature of the Service no refunds will be made for any membership fees already paid, excluding the 30 day money back guarantee as stated above.

Once you cancel you will no longer have access to the Service, including all content and community resources, once your current membership period is completed.

The 30 day refund period only applies to your first subscription and cannot be used more than once.

No partial refunds are given should you terminate an annual subscription before your renewal date, however you will retain access to the Service until the end of your annual payment term.

Please see our terms and conditions for more information

still thinking about it?

let's talk!