Learn some rocking advanced English from Queen

Learn some rocking advanced English from Queen

Practice your listening skills rocking out* to Queen & swotting up* with our interactive quiz!

Music is a fun way to up your English vocabulary. And who doesn’t love Queen?!

In this lesson, you’ll listen to one of Queen’s best songs and fill in the gaps.

  • Language level: upper intermediate & advanced /  B2 & C1
  • Skills: listening, advanced English vocabulary
  • Time: 5-10 mins

Practice Pack at €2.49 available with this lesson for self study

*rocking out = This can include air guitaring, jumping around, showing the horns and generally making a tit out of yourself. But it’s ok, cause you’re ROCKING OUT!

*swotting up = To study (something) very hard She swotted up for the French exam. (UK slang) 

A quick intro

The Show Must Go On is arguably one of the most poignant songs by British rock band Queen. Written mainly by Brian May, the song chronicles the effort of Freddie Mercury continuing to perform despite approaching the end of his life. 

From Wikipedia: Mercury was so ill when the band recorded the song in 1990 that May had concerns as to whether he was physically capable of singing it. Recalling Mercury’s performance, May states; 

“I said, ‘Fred, I don’t know if this is going to be possible to sing.’ And he went, ‘I’ll fucking do it, darling’ — vodka down — and went in and killed it, completely lacerated that vocal”.

Let's do some vocab work

Time to listen

Listen to the song. As you listen, try and fill in the missing gaps. 

Listen as many times you like! 

Kerin English Teacher
Lesson by
Kerin English Teacher

Want to learn more?

Dive deeper and master the vocabulary from this lesson for only €2.49!

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2 thoughts on “Learn some rocking advanced English from Queen”

  1. I love Queen!!! Great lesson Karin. I would do the practice pack but I have a question please. My level is B1 … almost B2 😊 … is good for me?

    1. Kerin English Teacher

      Hi Nico! Queen are the best! As a B1/B2 level you will find it challenging but you will be able to handle it! The good thing about the practice pack is you can do it over and over again – so even if it is really difficult at the beginning, if you practise, you’ll learn the words. If you’d like more info about it, send us an email with your questions and I’ll get right back to you info@englishdigitalacademy.com

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