8 Advanced English Phrasal verbs to talk about politics

Learn 8 Advanced English Phrasal Verbs to Speak About Hot Topics

Speak about politics and current affairs with confidence!

Current affairs & politics is a common topic that comes up in conversation, whether we like it or not!  If you want to be an advanced or fluent English speaker, then you should be able to speak about these topics at least a little bit.

In this Advanced English lesson, you’ll learn 8 advanced phrasal verbs to help you speak like a native speaker of English.!

  • Language level: upper intermediate and advanced /  B2 and  C1
  • Skills: Vocabulary, Comprehension, Speaking
  • Time needed: 10-20 mins
  • Focus: phrasal verbs, conversation topics
  • TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: you need to use Google Chrome for the quizzes
Kerin English Teacher
Lesson by Kerin

Let’s warm up with some interactive quizzes to get your brain in gear!

Phrasal verb 1

Which phrasal verb do you think it could be? 

Phrasal Verb 2

Which preposition do you think completes the phrasal verb?

Phrasal verb 3

Dictation! Write what you hear then check your answer:

Phrasal verb 4

1. Listen to the audio

2. Write the phrasal verb that you hear.

Phrasal Verb 5

1. Listen to the audio

2. Write the phrasal verb that you hear.

Phrasal Verb 6

1. Listen to the audio

2. Do the task

Phrasal Verb 7

1. Listen to the audio

2. Do the task

Phrasal verb 8

Dictation! Write what you hear then check you’re answer:

headlines with phrasal verbs

8 Phrasal Verbs to Speak About Hot Topics!

Well done! We’ve identified these 8 phrasal verbs:


Practice time! Let’s see what you can remember. Refer back to part one if you’re struggling.

Let's check the meanings

Let's practise

Kerin English Teacher
Your English teacher

Hi! I hope you have enjoyed this lesson and will find these phrasal verbs useful. 

To activate the new language, try writing your own sentences or questions using the phrasal verbs. 

If you feel brave, share some of your sentences with us in the comments 👇

Speak soon,

Kerin English Teacher

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  1. Following the recent events happened to Italy in the last few weeks, we could say that Salvini’s aim was to call general elections.
    Otherwise, stepping up his attacs on 5 stars movement, suddenly changed from his “partner” to the rival party, Salvini brought down the government. When he realized his mistake, he backed down playing down what he had done.
    Too late, a new government was already to form.

  2. Hi Silvia, excellent use of these phrasal verbs – a well thought-out argument. What a pity that this is a true story!

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