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English with Isla! Learn 4 new words and expressions from Isla’s morning rant AND we'll review the past continuous. Advanced English Free Lesson.

In this lesson you’ll learn 4 new words and expressions, we’ll review the past continuous AND you get to spend 10 minutes with Isla. Enjoy! 🐾🐾

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Lesson by Isla

Hi fans,

Hope your day is going better than mine.

I had to sit on my human mum for at least 20 minutes this morning until she couldn’t ignore me and pretend to sleep anymore.

And the cheek of it is, SHE was cross with ME! The things I have to put up with… 

Read on for your lesson – have a good week. 

Peace out. 

Woof. 🐶

Grammar: past continuous

I said “Oh sorry. Were you sleeping?” 

Notice that here I have used the past continuous tense, because I’m describing a past action that was in progress until it was interrupted. 

We often use it like this:

I was smelling a little tarty poodle’s bum in the park WHEN suddenly the little hussy turned on me and bit my nose. 


WHILE I was sitting staring at my human, the phone rang, so she got up and left the room. Now I’m staring at the floor.

how to use the past continuous

Vocab Work

1. Cross [adj.]  

We’ll start with an easy one: I said “She was cross with me!” 

In this case cross is an adjective and it simply means angry, annoyed, snappish, ill-humoured. 

For example: I was really cross when the postman rang my doorbell. He is an idiot. Woof.

English Vocabulary cross

2. Pretend [verb]

You see how I used the verb PRETEND: this verb is often used in a wrong way – especially by Italian students, as it is a false friend. So, it doesn’t mean ‘pretendere.’ Pretend means to fake something, or imagine something. (In italian: fingere o fare finta).

“When my human called for me, I pretended not to hear her because I wasn’t ready to leave the dog park.”


“I peed on the sofa and pretended that the cat had done it.”


“I pretended to be sorry for stealing the biscuits. But really I wasn’t sorry at all because they were delicious. Sorry, not sorry”.

Mmmm…it looks like I do a lot of pretending.

False friend pretend

3. Expression: The cheek of it is …

You usually use this expression as a jokey response if you think someone has been a bit cheeky (So cheeky means impudent, not showing enough respect).

When a behaviour is rude or does not show respect, especially towards someone who is older or more important, you can use this.  For example:

My human ate a whole packet of biscuits right in front of me and didn’t even give me a crumb. The cheek of it. 

In this case, you could also use the expression: to have the cheek to do something:

My human had the cheek to eat a whole bag of crisps without offering me any. 

This is obviously a real example that makes me cross and happens too often for my liking.

English Vocabulary the cheek of it

4. Phrasal verb: to put up with 

Means to tolerate or endure:

I’m too hungry to put up with your need for cuddles. 

Okay, on that note, I am off to ponder the floor I like to stare at.

phrasal verb put up with

Thank you for joining. If you want to practice using these new words be sure to write some examples in the comments, showing how you would use them. 👇


Woof 🐾

Isla /Ai-la

Isla, (pronounced AI-la) is about 68 dog years old and lives with her humans between Florence and Milan. She is a renowned blogger and English language specialist. 

In her spare time, she listens to vinyl, falls asleep during films and licks herself. A lot.

In her English with Isla series, she writes about her thoughts and opinions, creating mini-lessons around them. 

These lessons are for advanced speakers of English to review a bit of grammar and learn some funky new vocabulary.

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  1. This evening lesson from Isla was awesome. I wonder the lessons was different form each other and I enjoy new lesson from different topics in EDA. The vocabulary words , expression, and phrase was amazing and I enjoy the lesson too much. Isla is so clever.


  2. Isla!!! I´m a dog lover. I´ll be your number #1 fan from now onwards. I´ll even make my dog, Emma, follow you. She could do with some learning.

    1. @Carly it is always a pleasure to meet my #1 fan 💕 I would love to see Emma! Please post a pic of her in the activity feed. My human is a little dog crazy ….

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