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Course Topics

Advanced English courses for general interest

Perfect if you want to focus on a specific topic

Made especially for English learning bookworms and literature lovers!

Join us on this course to learn everything you need to know to talk about books: all the vocabulary, language and expressions you need.

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(Module 12 on Road to English Proficiency or buy as single course)

Do you LOVE art? Would you like to be able to talk about it confidently and fluently in English?

Yes and yes?! This course has been made especially for you!

Join us on one of our student’s favourite modules, where you’re going to learn how to talk about art in advanced English: all the vocabulary and expressions you need.

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(Module 4 on Road to English Proficiency or buy as single course)

The use of narrative to tell stories forms an important part of our everyday communication and life. Learn how to do it correctly and confidently.

You love talking! You like telling stories, funny anecdotes and chatting about what’s been going on your life.

Or perhaps you want to learn storytelling for work; whether in a marketing context or just to be able to let colleagues know what’s been going on with the dayto-day.

You want to do this fluently in English, using the correct grammar, b pronunciation and the best language.

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(Module 6 on Road to English Proficiency or buy as single course)

You have a real interest in the English language (in particular British English) and you want to dive deeper into colloquial language and learn slang.

You want to learn strategies that will help you consistently improve your vocabulary acquisition and you want to brush up your comprehension skills.

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(Module 2 on Road to English Proficiency or buy as single course)

By the end of this course you should

  • have shared your opinion and ideas on the theme of language
  • compared two written arguments
  • have acquired new nativelevel vocabulary
  • be able to use these new words & expressions in your own context
  • be able to recognise slang when you hear it and determine if it is high frequency
  • have followed a TED talk and clip from BBC Ideas
  • translated a piece of ‘correct’ English into ‘real’ English
  • discovered a new method for learning vocabulary

You will complete a writing and speaking task using slang and natural language. You’ll also try out the study method for new vocabulary.

Bonus Materials

  • Writing Lab Extra Practice
  • x2 Listening Practice

Take your English up a level by coming to grips with the fundamental differences between British & American English!

As a consequence of understanding the differences between American and British English, your comprehension will improve and you will  acquire new vocabulary.

We’re going to reflect on our own experiences & do a lot of comprehension practice (for both Br and US English). We’ll also learn how to improve our receptive listening skills.

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(Module 5 on Road to English Proficiency or buy as single course)

  • Main differences between British and American English (lexical, phonetic, grammar and spelling)
  • How being aware of these differences can improve your comprehension
  • Selfstudy method: receptive listening
  • New vocabulary from comprehension boost and article

Choose between the essay writing task or the speaking task (or do both!)

Bonus lessons:

  • Vocabulary Builder Extra Study
  • Reading and Listening Extra

Take your English up a gear by improving your comprehension of native speakers and developing your pronunciation.

You have an advanced level of English, and although you can generally catch the gist of what native speakers say, you still struggle to understand the finer details

You want to learn strategies that will help you consistently improve your listening skills and you want to learn pronunciation techniques to help you sound more natural

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(Module 3 on Road to English Proficiency or buy as single course)

  • Learn about the differences in UK regional accents
  • Strategies to deal with natural speech patterns when you are trying to understand native speakers
  • In particular: recognising redundancy, repetition and illogical speech patterns
  • You’ll have a firm understanding of what connected speech is and what the ‘schwa’ sound is
  • How to identify keywords and catch specific details
  • To identify words that lose a syllable in fluent speech & make your speech sound more fluent

You will complete two speaking tasks which will encourage you to focus on your pronunciation in a fluent and natural way. You’ll also listen to a story and reformulate it in your own words. This can be a spoken or written task

Road to English Proficiency Course

Our signature course! A combination of eLearning and personalised tutoring designed to take you towards proficiency.

Business English courses for busy people

Perfect if you don't have much time and you want targeted, in-depth English training

We know you’re busy!

That’s why we have created in-depth short courses that address the problems of communicating in everyday life and business situations.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your writing, expand your vocabulary or improve your conversation abilities, these courses target your needs with a problem-solving approach to give you quick results and the tools you need to be successful in English.

In this Business English Masterclass you’ll learn how to confidently and professionally manage conversation in stressful situations, especially when you don’t understand the English.

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(Module 8 on Road to English Proficiency or buy as single course)

In this Business English Masterclass you’ll learn how to make your English more polite, diplomatic and professional in order to improve the way you work & communicate in English.

This course focuses on email writing and speaking skills.

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Learn essential phrases and words in English to help you deal confidently with unexpected situations that can occur when you have meetings online.

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Learn how to craft your executive summary in clear and effective English in less than 2 hours!

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With this step-by-step training, you’ll learn how to correctly write an objective summary of a written work in English.

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Grammar course

Perfect if you want to focus on a specific area, such as grammar and pronunciation

Developed in partnership with ClarityEnglish, an independent publisher who have been making online English courses for Educators since 1992, we chose this courses for their interactive activities, engaging content and effective results.

We are sure you’ll love it as much as we do!

Break through the grammar barrier with Tense Buster, Clarity’s most popular program. This mobile friendly course is perfect for students who want to improve their grammar in a useful and practical way.

33 key grammar points for 5 levels: we recommend our students focus on the levels B1, B2 and C1 – that’s 18 key areas!

This interactive course not only consolidates your grammar knowledge, but also helps you work on your comprehension and pronunciation. That’s why we at EDA love this programme and choose it for you.

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Move away from dry grammar exercises! Tense Buster brings grammar into the context of everyday life. That means REAL, USEFUL language. 

Each unit incorporates listening, pronunciation and vocabbuilding – making every grammar point varied and engaging.


Every unit begins with a presentation based on a dialogue or story, where you are encouraged to form theories about how the grammar works.

Next comes a grammar rule where you confirm or correct your theories.


Practice activities contextualise the language and highlight key aspects of form and function. Learners get automatic marking and feedback. Each unit includes a pronunciation exercise.

Every unit concludes with a randomised test – enabling you to track your progress.

6 month access.

Available from January 11th 2021

Advanced English vocabulary courses for under €10

Move towards proficiency by learning native-level vocabulary with our bite-sized lessons
... no boring passive learning!

Practise, practise, practise! Using PREFIXES is an effective and easy way of adding more words to your vocabulary knowledge.

Vocabulary Builder for upper intermediate & advanced English speakers.

Start anytime, study at your own pace.

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Music is a fun way to improve your English vocabulary … and who doesn’t love Queen?! Sharpen up your English vocabulary by learning 13 new words through Queen’s The Show Must Go On!

Vocabulary builder for intermediate, upper intermediate & advanced English speakers.

Start anytime, study at your own pace.

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Courses with live lessons

Mix of online self-study & live lessons with our teacher

Conversation Class

Advanced English speaking & fluency course:

combination of digital lessons and online live sessions with a teacher.

Conversation Class with Elisa and Kerin


Advanced English course for English learning bookworms:

read an entire book in English and take part in live lessons online with British English teacher.

IELTS exam preparation course

Preparing for IELTS just got a whole lot easier!

What do you want to study? Study advanced English online

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