Advanced Vocabulary Wordlist no.9

Advanced Vocabulary Word List °9

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British English: Dogsbody

British English: dogsbody

This fabulous British word means: A person who is given menial tasks to do (especially a junior in an office)⁠. 

It is possible to become a junior account executive without previous experience – although you would expect to be a dogsbody at first.


Instead of using 'very' try stronger adjectives

Adjective Bleak

BLEAK is a fantastic adjective! 

If you say a place is bleak, it is empty, and not welcoming or attractive

If a situation is bleak, there is little or no hope for the future.

So instead of saying: The economic outlook is not very good…. try saying: The economic outlook is bleak.

When you avoid using ‘very’ in English, you use more powerful and effective vocabulary

By using stronger adjectives, you can be more creative and fluent in English AND your conversations are MORE INTERESTING. 

Read more about this>>

Phrasal Verb: talk someone into

Phrasal Verb: talk someone into

To talk someone into doing something means that you persuade them to do something.

NOTE: After this phrasal verb we need the gerund

I tried to talk her into ordering dessert!


Synonyms for dangerous

Synonyms for dangerous

Next time you want to use the word dangerous, try using a synonym. Here are some examples:

If a situation is touch-and-go, it is uncertain:The doctor says that it’s touch-and-go whether Mary will be okay.

 A precarious (dangerous state) situation is likely to get worse: Many borrowers now find themselves caught in a precarious financial position.

Menacing makes you think that someone is going to do something bad: He gave me a a menacing look.


Kerin English Teacher
Lesson by Kerin

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