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Ways to say 'I'm tired'

Is it just me, or is anyone else feeling worn out? Maybe it’s the November weather or maybe I’ve just been working too hard. In any case I’m absolutely spent! 

Are any of these expressions new for you? 

Instead of using 'very' try stronger adjectives

Time to STOP using VERY!

When you avoid using ‘very’ in English, you use more powerful and effective vocabulary

By using stronger adjectives, you can be more creative and fluent in English AND your conversations are MORE INTERESTING


Become a master at using prefixes in English

Prefixes are a quick win way to improve your English vocabulary! 

If you want more of these, check out our free lesson The Ultimate Guide to Prefixes

Slang: to kick back

to kick back

Learning slang is a good way to upgrade your native-level vocabulary (especially your comprehension)


Slang terms should only be used in informal situations!


From our Business English Account:

To tank

to tank

Do you ever read newspaper headlines and not know the meaning?

This is a common word often found in business & financial articles. 




Kerin English Teacher
Lesson by Kerin

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