Advanced English
Conversation Course

Improve your ability to express yourself & discuss complex topics

For people with English levels upper intermediate, advanced and proficient (B2, C1, C2)

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English conversation course

English Conversation Course Highlights

More than just conversation!


Just as meetings go more smoothly with an agenda, your lesson will benefit from similar planning! Each week, complete a PRE-LESSON TASK so you get the most out of your time

PRACTISE & Improve

Talk about topics out of your comfort zone, expand your vocabulary and gain confidence expressing yourself.

Advanced English Conversation course

Develop other skills

Practise listening and reading skills with real-life material and expand your vocabulary and writing fluency too! The pre and post-lesson tasks will challenge you even further

Get Feedback

Your teacher will support you throughout the course with feedback both during the lesson and your post-lesson task.

What our students say

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I find the conversation class effective and fun. We have materials inside the EDA platform to work on in advance (videos or articles) and then during the conversation we have the opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas on the same topics. This really helps to expand vocabulary, learn about new expressions of spoken English, and become more confident in speaking. I am really enjoying it!
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I took the Conversation Class course, once a week, half an hour during the lunch break. I found this option very convenient for those with a full time job. Even the tasks assigned as preparation for the lessons were perfect and did not take up excessive time. The interaction with the teacher was excellent and the course helped me a lot in acquiring additional skills in speaking. I will definitely rely on them in the future. All excellent.
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EDA offers courses that are not only educational but amusing as well. The Conversation Course is what I was looking for. Having the chance to speak to new friends and being helped by Elisa, my teacher is great! I really enjoy this course as we are encouraged to talk about a variety of subjects and thus practise and learn the english spoken every day by natives.
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I would say it was a great pleasure to complete this course with the teachers who gave me genuine and constructive feedback after each course and assignment. There are different and interesting topics arranged in the course and you get enough time - a week - to prepare for the class, which worked out perfectly for me as I have work and other things to do every week. Therefore I would like to Thank Kerin and Elisa who helped me improve my English skills and I recommend this course to people who are keen on upgrading their English skills.
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Qualified online teaching. I really enjoyed my one to one classes with Kerin. I had the chance to discuss interesting and unusual topics, learning a lot of new words, idioms and phrases. Then she's so good at making you feel comfortable and strengthening your self confidence. So if you want to level up your English, I highly recommend her English online academy.
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Not the usual course, but much more useful, interesting and enjoyable than the usual ones!
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Great class with wonderful people!
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The lessons before the class help me develop my listening and reading and the classes with Elisa are brilliant. Really appreciate the individual speaking task and feedback from Kerin is so helpful.
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Excellent English course for advanced conversation. Kerin is a wonderful teacher, there is a preparation to be done before the actual session so that a topic of discussion is set in advance and new vocabulary is introduced. The course is very interesting with current news and topics so that every conversation is both enjoyable and informative. Highly recommended to everyone interested in practicing good English at a high level.

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> pre-lesson tasks inside the EDA platform
> post-lesson tasks with feedback

What you will achieve

Conversation Class is for you if you ...

English with Kerin & Elisa​

A few years ago, Elisa and I worked closely together at the school I created in Florence.  

We spent a lot of time creating original courses for our students, one of which was Conversation Class: a course specially designed for advanced learners

Our students loved it! 

Now we are putting our heads together again to bring you a brand new course: an upgraded, digital version of Conversation Class to suit the times we are living in

So what does this mean? …


Advanced English Kerin and Elisa
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What makes our Conversation Class different?

We know that nowadays many of you are now working from home. That means you have more flexibility.

However, we also know that taking an hour out of your day for English can be problematic.

The solution? A blended course that allows you to do some activities alone, on your own schedule. Combined with live sessions; short enough that you can fit it into your day, long enough to be effective.

We have designed a programme that will give you a different theme each week and you’ll will focus on improving your communication skills, fluency and pronunciation while also expanding your vocabulary

Our Advanced English Conversation Class is much more than just a chat: complete a pre-lesson activity (boosting your listening and reading skills) and then a post-class activity, again on your own schedule, so that you can develop what you learned during class. You’ll submit this task to Kerin who’ll give you personalised individual feedback to help you improve further.

Throughout the course we’ll give you honest feedback to help you take your English from GOOD to GREAT!

Common Questions

Conversation Class is open to everyone whose current English speaking level is upper intermediate (B2),  advanced (C1) or proficient (C2)

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Conversation Class is a new online speaking fluency course for people who already have a high level of English. 

The course programme has been designed so that you will improve your ability to discuss complex topics beyond your comfort zone.

We cover a vast range of topics during this course from privacy to bucket lists, from food trends to the gender gap! 

It works like this:

  • each week you’ll get a preparation task to do on your own, any time before the lesson (it may be a video to watch, an article to read or a vocabulary exercise)
  • each week take part in a live session led by Kerin or Elisa
  • classes last 30 mins for individual students and 45 mins for groups
  • complete an optional post-lesson task to review what you learned or go deeper into a subject. Get feedback from your teacher

When you enrol on the course, you will decide the time of your class time with your teacher.

Individual lessons are available Mon-Friday between 8:00am and 6.00pm and Saturdays 10:00am-18.00pm (CET Rome time) depending on the availability of you and your teacher. 

Group courses will depend on request and availability will depend on the number of students (max of 4 per group).

  • You’ll need to dedicate 10-30 minutes per week for the pre-lesson task. (It will usually be around 10 minutes, but some weeks you will be asked to watch a longer video or read an article)
  • You will need to dedicate 30 -45 minutes per week for the discussion lesson.
  • You will need 10-15 minutes for the optional post-lesson task 

You’ll need a good internet connection. Our classes will be held on Zoom

Individual lessons:

You can reschedule individual lessons as long as you give 24 hours notice by email.

Cancelled or missed lessons with less than 24 hours notice are non-refundable and non-recuperable.

Group lessons:

Due to the organisational requirements of group courses,  missed lessons are non-refundable and non-recuperable. 

You can still however, complete the pre-lesson task and post-lesson task.

This course is for levels upper intermediate, advanced or proficient (B2, C1, C2)

If you’re not sure about your level, take our free test

There are no refunds for this course. All sales are final.

We don’t offer free trial lessons due to organisational reasons. However, we are more than happy to jump on a call to answer your questions

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