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Advanced English
Conversation Class

Enrolment always open for individual classes

Next group course starts January 2022

Conversation Class is for you if you ...

English with Kerin & Elisa

Discussion in English with Kerin and Elisa

What is Conversation Class?

Advanced English speaking & fluency course

Advanced English Conversation Class is a premium online course for highlevel English learners.

This course is taught with a blended learning approach, which means it is a combination of e-learning (digital lessons) and online live sessions with a teacher.  

Course structure

  • The next course starts January 2022 and is delivered over 12 weeks 
  • There is a maximum of 3 students per group.

It works like this:

  • each week you’ll get a preparation task to do on your own, any time before the lesson (it may be a video to watch, an article to read or a vocabulary exercise)
  • each week take part in a session led by Kerin or Elisa
  • classes last 30 mins for 1-2 students and 40 mins for 3-4 students

Easy as pie!

Want more practice?! Join Conversation Class Plus

  • Students who would like more practise can take advantage of the extra speaking tasks in the Conversation Class Plus course.
  • Each week you’ll have an individual speaking task to complete, to practise fluency but also to focus on your pronunciation, grammar structures and vocabulary. You’ll receive personalised feedback on each task you complete.

When are lessons?

When you enrol on the course, you will choose your class time. Availability will depend on the number of students and it will work on a first come, first served basis. 

Discussion class advanced English

Choose your course

  • Conversation Class PLUS €176

    One-off payment for 12 week course, includes preparation lesson activities, live lessons, feedback, individual speaking task and personalised feedback

In order to take this course please apply here.

If you have already taken a class with us, please email Kerin

  • Conversation Class INDIVIDUAL €120

    One-off payment for 6 week course, includes preparation lesson activities and live private lessons with mother tongue English teacher

If you are interested in taking the individual course, please email Kerin

What our students say about this course

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EDA offers courses that are not only educational but amusing as well. The Conversation Course is what I was looking for. Having the chance to speak to new friends and being helped by Elisa, my teacher is great! I really enjoy this course as we are encouraged to talk about a variety of subjects and thus practise and learn the english spoken every day by natives.
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I would say it was a great pleasure to complete this course with the teachers who gave me genuine and constructive feedback after each course and assignment. There are different and interesting topics arranged in the course and you get enough time - a week - to prepare for the class, which worked out perfectly for me as I have work and other things to do every week. Therefore I would like to Thank Kerin and Elisa who helped me improve my English skills and I recommend this course to people who are keen on upgrading their English skills.
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Great class with wonderful people!
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The lessons before the class help me develop my listening and reading and the classes with Elisa are brilliant. Really appreciate the individual speaking task and feedback from Kerin is so helpful.
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I took the Conversation Class course, once a week, half an hour during the lunch break. I found this option very convenient for those with a full time job. Even the tasks assigned as preparation for the lessons were perfect and did not take up excessive time. The interaction with the teacher was excellent and the course helped me a lot in acquiring additional skills in speaking. I will definitely rely on them in the future. All excellent.

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Our next course starts January 2022 

Places are limited. Max 3 students per group
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Conversation Class is open to everyone whose current English speaking level is upper intermediate (B2) or advanced (C1).

In order to place you in the best class for your level, it is necessary to verify your English level and speaking level.

First, complete our free 10 minute test. We will then contact you to organise a short call – free of charge.

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What you'll achieve with
Advanced English Conversation Class

Conversation Class

What makes our Conversation Class different?

We know that due to Covid, many of you are now working from home. That means you have more flexibility.

However, we also know that taking an hour out of your day for English can be problematic.

The solution? A blended course that allows you to do some activities alone, on your own schedule. Combined with 40 minute live sessions; short enough that you can fit it into your day, long enough to be effective.

We then go one step further: you will complete a post-class activity, again on your own schedule, so that you can develop what you learned during class. You’ll submit this task to Kerin who’ll give you personalised individual feedback to help you improve your fluency and pronunciation.


Set yourself up for success

Prepare & plan

Just as meetings run more smoothly with an agenda, your class will benefit from similar planning

The pre-lesson task will set you up to get the most out of your conversation class


Get your English workout in!

Practise, learn and improve … conveniently!

Who has an hour to give up at lunch time? I wish I did!

Finding an hour to do a class doesn’t work for most of us. But finding 40 minutes? We can all do that!


Focus on yourself

Develop and practise!

The group class is a super way to practise conversation in English. 

The postlesson task gives you the opportunity to practise speaking more accurately. You can take the time to focus on how you say things rather than what you say 


Get feedback

Consolidate and improve

With each post-lesson task you submit, you’ll receive personalised feedback from Kerin regarding your fluency and pronunciation to help you improve your speaking.

Learn from mistakes: you’ll also get corrections on vocabulary or grammar mistakes

Not sure if this course is right for you?

Kerin English Teacher

Hi! We are Kerin & Elisa! ...

British English teachers

A few years ago, Elisa and I worked closely together at Inglese Firenze, the English school I created in Florence.  We spent a lot of time creating original courses for our students, one of which was Conversation Class: a course specially designed for advanced learners.

Our students loved it! Now we are putting our heads together again to bring you a brand new course: an upgraded, digital version of Conversation Class to suit the times we are living in. So what does this mean? 

Well, we know that because of Covid, many of you are now working from home. That means you have more flexibility. However, we also know that taking an hour out of your day for English can be problematic.

The solution? A blended course that allows you to do some activities alone, when you want, without the constriction of timetables. Combined with 40 minute live sessions; short enough that you can fit it into your day, long enough to be effective.

We have designed a programme that will give you a different theme each week and you’ll will focus on improving your communication skills, fluency and pronunciation while also expanding your vocabulary

Throughout the course we'll give you honest feedback to help you take your English from GOOD to GREAT

We can’t wait to start!

For more about Kerin, Elisa and EDA, click here.

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Common Questions

  • You’ll need to dedicate 10-30 minutes per week for the pre-lesson task. (It will usually be around 10 minutes, but some weeks you will be asked to watch a longer video or read an article)
  • You will need to dedicate 40 minutes per week for the discussion lesson.
  • You will need 10 minutes for the individual speaking task if you take the Conversation Class Plus course

You’ll need a good internet connection. Our classes will be held on Zoom

Missed lessons are non-refundable and non-recuperable. This is due to the organisational requirements of group courses.

You can still however, complete the pre-lesson task.

If you are in the Conversation Class Plus course, you can still do the individual speaking task and receive feedback even if you miss that week’s lesson.

Discounts are exclusively for current EDA members or a graduates of our Road to English Proficiency course.

If you are an EDA member or Road to English Proficiency student and want to enrol on this course, just email us!

If you aren’t sure about your level, please get in touch for a consultation. 

Email Kerin > info@

Our consultations are free of charge and there is no obligation to buy.

There are no refunds for this course. All sales are final.

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